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Pocket Books


192 pages

Cover by Bob Larkin

Scanned from the original 1979 paperback novel!



StarLab, America's spectacular spy-in-the-sky satellite is plunging back to earth out of control...AND EVERYBODY WANTS IT!

The top-secret components it contains provide the backdrop to a shocking scheme of global blackmail that can spell disaster for the entire planet--and the only man who might avert the impending catastrophe is the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!

But before the wall-crawler can hope to rescue the fallen satellite, he'll have to survive a no-holds-barred battle with seven feet, one thousand pounds of unfettered fury, the most powerful creature to ever walk the earth, the INCREDIBLE HULK! It's two of Marvel's greatest super-stars in one sensational novel!

Amazing Spider-Man & Incredible Hulk in MURDERMOON (Marvel Novel Series #11)

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