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Excerpts of these interviews were used in published profiles in DC's 1989-1991 DC Direct Currents newsletter. These are the surviving unedited transcripts of 22 of the more then 90 interviews conducted, newly edited and annotated by the editor. Read the Direct Comments (along with two rarely seen fanzine interviews from the 1970s) from some of the greatest creators of the first half-century of the comic book business, including: Murphy Anderson, Jim Aparo, Kyle Baker, Brian Bolland, John Byrne, John Costanza, Chuck Dixon, Keith Giffen, Dick Giordano, Mike Grell, Ed Hannigan, Adam Hughes, Carmine Infantino, Klaus Janson, Paul Kupperberg, Lee Marrs, Pepe Moreno, Denny O’Neil, Jerry Ordway, Jerry Robinson, Kurt Schaffenberger, Julie Schwartz, Walter Simonson, and Jim Warren.

Direct Comments: Comic Book Creators in Their Own Words

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