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In Direct Comments: Comic Book Creators in their Own Words, Paul Kupperberg let three generations of comic book creators speak for themselves.

In Direct Conversations: Talks with Fellow DC Comics Bronze Age Creators, he spoke with friends and creators he broke into the business with in the 1970s.

Now Paul is talking again, in Direct Creativity: The Creators Who Inspired the Creators, asking these 18 comic book professionals...

D.G. Chichester • Mike Collins • Gerry Conway• Mike DeCarlo • J.M. DeMatteis • Dan DiDio • Marc Guggenheim • Joseph P. Illidge • Barbara Kaalberg • Tom King • Mark Millar • Mindy Newell • Mike Avon Oeming • Chuck Patton • Christopher J. Priest • Rick Stasi • Roy Thomas • Mark Waid

... Who, or what, inspired you most in your development as a comic book creator? Their answers are as individual and unique as the creators themselves, but as Dan Greenfield writes in his introduction, “Of the dozens of conversations Paul has recorded for posterity in (Direct Comments, Direct Conversations, and Direct Creativity) one thing stands out: They are almost all exactly the same, but also wildly different, and it’s those diverging details that make these interviews impossible to put down.”

Direct Creativity: The Creators Who Inspired the Creators

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