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Crazy 8 Press, 2013

280 Pages



Stories by Aaron Rosenberg, Paul Kupperberg, Robert Greenberger, Debbie Viguié, James Reasoner, Kris Katzen, and Steven Savile


On a quiet, dead-end residential street on the outskirts of Omaha, Nebraska sits an old house called Tanglewood. In its front yard a large old ash tree casts its shadow across shrubs and flowerbeds and a lawn that have all long ago surrendered any pretense of life. But inside the House are the Doors. Doors too numerous to count. Doors made of the wood from Yggdrasil, the great Norse World Tree that stands at the center of the universe. Doors that lead to every time and every place that ever was—or ever could be.

Provided you are one of the rare few with the gift, a child with the ability to step through such Doors to the other side. Provided you are a Latchkey, capable of becoming one of the Wardens, the protectors of Tanglewood and its Doors. Then—disaster! Tanglewood’s connection to the World Tree is somehow broken. And many of its Doors disappear, sent spinning out across time and space with no rhyme or reason, leaving behind only the flimsiest of shadows. Now the young Wardens must find and return the missing Doors. But many of them have splintered from the impact.


Those missing pieces must be restored before the Doors can be returned. And Splinters can be anywhere and assume any form. Almost like they don't want to be found. Read all about the Latchkeys and their exciting, thrilling, spooky adventures to places that were, places that might have been, and places that almost could be!

Latchkeys: Splinters

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