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In 1976, pioneering small press publisher, Star*Reach’s Mike Friedrich introduced the world to Quack!, a “ground-level funny animal” comicbook that straddled the line between the squeaky clean antics of Disney and Warner Bros. cartoons and the hellbent-for-leather insanity of the underground comics. One of the features to emerge from the ground-level experience was Alan Kupperberg’s On the Skids. It starred “two cool cats (literally) from Queens, (NY),” never to my knowledge named, but loosely based on the friendship between Alan and fellow artist and Skids co-creator, Howard Chaykin. 


These stories were originally published in QUACK! #1 (July 1976), #2 (January 1977), and #4 (June 1977). The final chapter for #4, originally done as another 10-page story, was edited down and published as a seven-page installment. The original 10-oage version is published here for the first time, reproduced from the original art.

On the Skids

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