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Taking an idea from inception to a finished story follows a path that every writer travels in their own way. But while your process may be uniquely your own, the creative steps are the same for everyone. In Paul Kupperberg’s Illustrated Guide to Writing Comics, the veteran comic book writer and former DC Comics editor shares the techniques and insights he has learned in his 45-year career on everything from tips for sparking ideas to world-building and character development to story structure and crafting convincing dialog, taking writers on a step-by-step journey from the blank page to the finished script.Features "One Story, From Concept to Completion," following an idea through its development to the finished ten-page story: Digger Graves, Paranormal P.I., in “‘I’ of the Beholder,” with art by Andrew Mitchell. Also includes tips from more than a dozen top industry professionals.

Paul Kupperberg's Illustrated Guide to Writing Comics

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