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Every writer has them: unpublished stories. In the comic book field, stories can go unpublished for any number of reasons. The cancellation of a title, a change in editor or editorial direction, an inventory or fill-in script that goes unused...or a universe-shattering event that renders the characters and story lines moot. In his 40 years writing comic books, Paul Kupperberg has accumulated a file of such unpublished comic book scripts. Of those, the Bronze Age stories printed here in their script form for the first time have evoked the most questions in the over thirty-years since they were originally written: The Adventures of Superboy #55 (the intended final issue of the title) and the re-launches of Superboy and Supergirl in the never-to-be DC Double Comics #1 - 2, as both characters were soon to be written out of continuity by Crisis On Infinite Earths. The scripts are introduced with essays by comic book historian John Wells, who provides the historic and continuity background of these never-before-seen stories.

The Unpublished Comic Book Scripts of Paul Kupperberg

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