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Black Thorn, The Vigilante Spin-off That Never Was

VIGILANTE and CHECKMATE artist Steve Erwin's 1988 Black Thorn sketch.

From July 1985 to February 1988 I wrote Vigilante (#19 - #50) for DC Comics. When that title ended with Adrian Chase/Vigilante's suicide death, I followed it up with Checkmate!, which carried over several of the previous series's supporting characters and ran for 33 issues, from April 1988 to January 1991. One of the transported characters was Black Thorn, Vigilante's female counterpart, co-created by me and Tod Smith and introduced in Vigilante #45 (September 1987). After Checkmate ran its course, I thought I'd try to go for three in a row and keep the thread going with an ongoing Black Thorn series.

VIGILANTE #45 (September 1987), art by Tod Smith and Rick Burchett

It didn't happen. But if it had, it might have read something like this...

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Delmo Walters Jr.
Delmo Walters Jr.

What did you think of the Arrowverse version of Vigilante?

Paul Kupperberg
Paul Kupperberg

I never watched enough of the show to form an opinion.

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