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From 2015, originally published on the Charlton Neo Comics Pix-C webcomics page: N.E.O. (Non-linear Evolutionary Organism) was created to scratch an itch I had to write a daily newspaper strip again. After a few weeks we evolved the strip from a daily to a weekly comic book-page format.

My original synopsis summed the strip up: "N.E.O. is an acronym standing for 'Non-

Evolutionary Organism.' He is from the future, 2615 A.D. and is the latest in a series of cloned beings designed to be the ultimate in a species of adaptable soldiers to fight an ongoing war between the Sol system of planets and an alien race, the Andromedaries. Neo is the first successful result in long years of research and development, able to instantly adapt/evolve to any threat or environment, the perfect soldier for deep space combat. Previous 'models,' which were cloned to possess minimal intelligence, so they were more easily controllable, had proven unable to adapt as had been hoped for, as well unstable and unable to maintain their natural forms unless contained in Organic Armor."

The first few weeks of "dailies," scripted by me, art by PD Angel Gabriele, lettering and coloring by Mort Todd. The strip was reprinted in 2015's Charlton Neo Unusual Suspense #1. We opted not to continue N.E.O. after Angel's death in February 2016.

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